Hord Rapidtools® is company with considerable experience and skill base to provide rapid CNC machining and rapid production for injection moulding and pressure die casting with rapid economical tooling.

It was found by a team of technical engineers in 2013. The factory located in beautiful city Zhongshan, the Pearl River Delta Region, close to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau. Traffic is very developed. Now there is 4,000 square meters in total for office and workshop and about 80 employees at the end of 2017. In order to provide quality products to customer within very short lead time, we invested million dollars on high speed CNC machines, double heads EDM machines, Gun drilling machines, etc. in 2016-2017. Now we have enough capacity to finish 50-100 sets of rapid injection or pressure die casting tooling.

Because of the focus so professional! Our team focus on fast manufacturing from rapid tooling over 10 years.

Times is money! We can finish rapid tooling within 3-10 days.2-3 days to ship to everywhere in the world. It can help customer get products with real material in much shorter lead time to make all tests or put in market quickly and win opportunities. Short lead time mean lower cost on manufacturing, it also save a lot of cost on tooling for customer.

You will find that Hord Rapidtools® is strategic valuable partner if you are willing to give the opportunity to cooperate.
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